About Kate


Teacher, writer, reader, researcher, and extremely enthusiastic human being. I'm a California transplant to the Philadelphia suburbs of New Jersey, where I've learned that snow is heavy, "jawn" is an all-purpose noun, and Wegmans is a synonym for heaven.


Nearly everything I do professionally focuses on texts for, about, and by young people, including literature, film, TV, photography, and the internet. My current book project explores the role of visual geographies in children's literature, considering the racial, gendered, and queer implications of represented spatialities. I largely teach courses on children's and young adult literature—a survey, an honors survey, and a capstone seminar—as well as introductory theory and methodology courses designed for English majors. 


I like talking and strong coffee, and a lot of both, preferably simultaneously. Other pastimes: hiking in remote places, getting happily lost in unfamiliar cities, having a lot of intense opinions about various television shows, and reading way too much about politics.